Summer in Paradise

In the village of Arillas in Corfu, Greece, there is a wonderful place in the middle of quiet nature, nestled into an olive grove that invites you to linger, meditate, sing and dance, to do yoga and follow your creative expression. It is a sheltered refuge for all who follow their inner calling for connection in community, relaxation and healing, and the exploration and deepening of the wisdom of the heart.

In connection with the Alexis Zorbas Center, this place is an attractive offer for seminars with this orientation. Our Paradise also is a harbor and anchorage for the events of the Heart Sangha, such as the annual Bhakti Fest in June and various retreats in the summer on Corfu.




My heart is filled with this wonderful paradise and the time with you and all the wonderful people. Thank you thank you thank you.


I thank you for the love and the wonderful place that you shared with us. It was a very touching and blessed time.


Thank you for the wonderful moments here in paradise so very close to you, and for everything that cannot be described with words.


What a gift to be able to sing in this garden and then the wonderful retreat. You have done wonderful things. So much more is possible in this magical place. I travel back home fulfilled.


The time here with you has nourished me, opened me up, made me soft. I am grateful that you are offering this wonderful space and making this wonderfully intense community possible.


I’ve already said everything. Today it is not so easy to say goodbye to this wonderful place. I greeted all trees, plants and grasses and said goodbye. Thank you for this wonderful place full of energy and love. I’ve seen so much here, I’ll take everything with me. Thank you for letting me be here.






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