We were visiting our artist friends Annan and Li Po Po at he their home in the countryside of Northern Germany. Anna is designing and manufacturing beautiful ceramics and Li Po Po is a painter. Already a few times he shared some of his master pieces in our Sangha and it was obvious, that we had to talk about a future project, which would express our longing to live fully from our hearts. It became clear instantly that we were sharing the same vision – a Heart Buddha. So the painting got realized effortlessly and with so much joy. I was very happy to see the result earlier this year. Many of you who attended our Bhakti Fest, have seen it and loved it. Today I would like to share it with every one.


If you feel like it, please take some time to immerse into the image of the Buddha and observe your perceptions – they might lead you into a beautiful  and enriching time of peaceful meditation.


Many blessings



More of the artist Li Po Po – Wolfgang Hannen on his Website



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