HEART SANGHA • we gather and create a space of light in which the silence and the power of the heart can fully evolve.

BHAKTI • Devotion. This is the spiritual practice of an emphatically emotional turn to the divine presence in us, in others, in EVERYTHING, through chanting, meditation and prayer, beyond religious concepts and traditions.

WE ARE ONE • This mantra, found years ago in our search for TRUTH, is an inner guide and it works as a strong koan for inner change, by gradually revealing its inner secrets and meanings, colors and scents.

JAY MA • honoring of the divine femininity, which creates life and permeates it in its diverse presence and creative power – a constant practice for the healing and preservation of creation, inside and outside.

ALEXIS ZORBAS • the promotion of our center in Corfu as a wonderful place of lively encounter, caring humanity, love and peaceful and cooperative togetherness.



The future of our planet depends on how we develop and align ourselves as humans. It is up to us to initiate and promote this community process courageously and powerfully. I have been committed to this task for 40 years. I accompany people with my skills as a teacher for integrative bodywork, counselor in spiritual therapy and as a heart teacher, both in individual and in group work, and as co-founder of the center for spiritual growth work Alexis Zorbas in Corfu, Greece.


It is particularly important to me that people can strengthen their mental and physical resources in the context of community through mindfulness meditation. I combine my experience from intensive, multi-year training in Buddhist mindfulness practice in a lay monastery as well as a 3-year psychotherapeutic training (orgodynamics) with the basic understanding that we are most likely to develop in a community and to master challenging times.